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Women who walk the walk

Women who walk the walk

It has come to our attention recently that the female trekking fraternity is somewhat underrepresented, with the boys’ high altitude bravado and summit attempts all too often stealing the headlines.

However, would it surprise you to know that just over half of Exodus’ walking clients are female? Even our Trekking Product Manager leading the way here at Adventure HQ is a lass! Likewise, some of our best leaders, including award-winning Sara Bull and Himalaya aficionado Valerie Parkinson, are women who quite simply live to trek.

So this year we’re not letting the boys take all the glory, and instead we’re celebrating Exodus’ hiking heroines who will be out on trek and shouting about it from the mountaintops in 2013!
Noticing a lack of girl power on the mountain, Exodus Trekking Product Manager, Chloé Knott is fired up to redress the balance as she prepares to summit Kilimanjaro next month…

“I’m the kind of person who loves a challenge, so what better way to start 2013 then trekking to the top of the highest mountain in Africa! Here at Adventure HQ, more men than women have tackled Kilimanjaro, so I think it is about time we changed this statistic! I will be tackling the lesser-usedNorthern Circuit to the summit which should hopefully give me the best shot of avoiding altitude sickness and improve my chances of getting that much anticipated summit photo. I can’t wait!”

Keep up to date with Chloe’s progress during February on her blog.

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After finding her feet as a new mum, Direct Marketing Manager Sasha Reid is ready to ditch the nappies, pull on her walking boots and hit the Inca Trail…

The Inca Trail may be well-trodden but is no less beguiling, and for me it’s an ideal combination of trekking, culture and history. I simply can’t wait for the exhilarating reward of emerging from lush forest to behold the splendour of Machu Picchu. Undertaking my first trek at any sort of altitude, I’ll admit to being slightly nervous, especially about the climb to Dead Woman’s Pass at 4,200m on Day Two. I’ll be lacing up my boots and heading to the Lake District and Cotswolds for plenty weekend hill walking beforehand!”

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No stranger to tough trails at high altitude, Australasia Sales Manager Lou Day will head north in 2013 to take on one of Europe’s most infamous Grande Randonnée treks…

“Always first on my New Year’s ‘to do list’ is to decide on my next trekking challenge and 2013 will see me taking the GR20 in Corsica. Traditionally, Nepal has always been my go to destination when looking to conquer my next high altitude peak, but now it’s time to get up close and personal with Europe! Having already accomplished the Mont Blanc Circuit, my trek-loving colleagues at Adventure HQ tell me that the GR20 is arguably the “finest and toughest waymarked trail in Europe.” I say: “bring it on!” Although, I now have to break in the new boots, my least favourite part!”

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After years in the Alps, Exodus Product Executive, Claire Daniel is not a newcomer to the world of mountain walking, but is looking forward to broadening her long-haul trekking repertoire amidst the sky-scraping peaks of the Himalaya later this year…

“This year I am heading off to Nepal and I am incredibly excited to realise a dream I have had since I was a child: trekking in theAnnapurnas. Although I’m an experienced trekker in the Alps, this will definitely be a challenge for me; three weeks of walking at high altitude (2,800m to 5,416m) is a first! So, the gym membership has been renewed and the training has started in earnest for my 2013 Himalayan challenge!”

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With youth on her side and boundless enthusiasm for walking holidays, Marketing Executive Gina Lawrence, a relative newcomer to the Exodus trekking syndicate, will be stepping up a grade in Slovenia this year…

“It may be a new year but I’ve got the same wish list criteria as the last: jewel-like lakes surrounded by tantalising hills just waiting to be explored and topped off with big, blue skies. I’m heading to Slovenia for eight days of limestone mountains, cascading waterfalls and untouched forests. It’s the hardest trekking trip I’ve done to date, so I can’t wait to get the blood pumping. Plus, I get to try Via Ferrata for the first time!”

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